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Foot Definition

If surgical or endovascular revascularization is successful, the foot should no longer appear ischemic and painful, and the wounds should granulate. Newly granulating wounds should be carefully protected, and meticulous daily local wound care should be performed to promote healing and prevent infection. The quality of subsequent wound care is also a critical component in promoting healing and avoiding further tissue loss. Since the International Yard and Pound Agreement of 1959, one foot is defined as 0.3048meters exactly. In both customary and imperial units, one foot comprises 12inches and one yard comprises three feet. Foot function has been in conflict with fashion for many years. In China, girls once had their feet bound to shorten them by bending the toes backward.

How do you define a foot?

1 : the end part of the leg of an animal or person : the part of an animal on which it stands or moves. 2 : a unit of length equal to twelve inches (about .3 meter) 3 : the lowest or end part of something foot of a hill foot of the bed.

The United Kingdom was unaffected by this problem, as the retriangulation of Great Britain (1936–62) had been done in meters. Ischemic foot is a condition of decreased arterial perfusion.

Medical Definition of Foot

Foot is defined as to walk, dance or go via the feet, or to pay for something. The lower extremity of the leg below the ankle, on which a person stands or walks. Your foot is like your leg’s hand, and a foot is twelve inches. Historically, Foot Definition the human body has been used to provide the basis for units of length. The foot of an adult Caucasian male is typically about 15.3% of his height, giving a person of 175 cm a foot-length of about 268 mm (10.6 in), on average.

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The Belgic or North German foot of 335 mm (13.2 in) was introduced to England either by the Belgic Celts during their invasions prior to the Romans or by the Anglo-Saxons in the 5th and 6th century. Loss of Footmeans the complete severance through or above the ankle joint. We will consider it a Loss of Hand if the fingers and/or thumb are later reattached. A doctor should examine your feet at every visit and do a thorough foot exam once a year. If you have a history of foot problems, you should be checked more often. Your health care provider should also give you information on foot care and answer all your questions.

Kids Definition of foot

The company has already lost $660 million developing the two 747 jets for the fleet following a 2018 deal Trump made with the company that makes Boeing foot the bill for all cost changes in https://accounting-services.net/ the development process. The government will foot the bill for half of the venue’s operating expenses; ticket sales will cover the rest. The people in the crowd began to stamp their feet.

Foot Definition

Of a stadion, one stadion being about 181.2 m ; therefore a foot was, at the time, about 302 mm (11.9 in). Follow in someone’s footsteps to do the same as someone has done before one.

Loss of Foot definition

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  • The shoe is on the other foot now that they are victims themselves.
  • The company has already lost $660 million developing the two 747 jets for the fleet following a 2018 deal Trump made with the company that makes Boeing foot the bill for all cost changes in the development process.
  • The lower part of anything could be called a foot.
  • Thus, if all linear dimensions are doubled, the area becomes four times as great; if all linear dimensions are cut in half, the area becomes 1/4 (1/22) as great.

A metrical unit of a group of syllables, a unit of rhythm. However, you can use foot as the plural in front of words like high, tall, and long. A group of syllables constituting a metrical unit of a verse. He got off on the wrong foot with a tactless remark about his audience.

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A structure used for locomotion or attachment in an invertebrate animal, such as the muscular organ extending from the ventral side of a mollusk. Definition and synonyms of foot from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. The shoe is on the other foot now that they are victims themselves. When his parents died he had to learn to stand on his own two feet. They allowed the home side to get on the front foot right at the start. He swung a foot at the ball but missed completely. Daniel was shifting anxiously from foot to foot.

The current National Topographic Database of the Survey of India is based on the metric WGS-84 datum, which is also used by the Global Positioning System. A unit of length equal to 1/3 of a yard or 12 inches (about 30.5 centimeters). A unit of length, originally derived from the length of the human foot. It is divided into 12 inches and equal to 30.48 centimeters. Loss of Foot Loss of Foot means the complete severance of a foot through or above the ankle joint. In the event of complete severance through or above the ankle joint, We will consider such severance a Loss of Foot even if the foot is later reattached. Loss of Foot means the complete severance of a foot through or above the ankle joint.

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These problems can cause or contribute to foot problems. Left unnoticed or untreated, sores, ingrown toenails, and other problems can lead to infection. Poor circulation makes healing an infection difficult. If you have neuropathy, or nerve damage that has affected foot sensitivity, you may overlook cuts or bumps. You can help protect your feet by wearing shoes at all times. Wash your feet every day in warm water with mild soap.

Are feet nouns?

Feet is a noun – Word Type.

Put one’s foot in one’s mouth or put one’s foot in it, to say something tactless. To tread to measure or music; to dance; to trip; to skip. The end of a billiard or pool table behind the foot point where the balls are racked. To make the mainsail fuller in shape, the outhaul is eased to reduce the tension on the foot of the sail.

History and Etymology for foot

And Canada have partially metricated their units of measurement. The measurement of altitude in international aviation is one of the few areas where the foot is used outside the English-speaking world. When the international foot was defined in 1959, a great deal of survey data was already available based on the former definitions, especially in the United States and in India. Hence the previous definitions continued to be used for surveying in the United States and India for many years, and are denoted survey feet to distinguish them from the international foot.

  • The end part of the leg, on which a person or animal stands or moves.
  • To move the feet rhythmically, as to music or in dance (often fol. by it).
  • The barleycorn, inch, ell, and yard were likewise shrunk, while rods and furlongs remained the same.
  • Hot water and harsh soaps can damage your skin.
  • An ISO 2848 measure of 3 basic modules is called a “metric foot”, but there were earlier distinct definitions of a metric foot during metrication in France and Germany.
  • These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘foot.’ Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.
  • Do not wear shoes made out of plastic or other materials that do not breathe.

The end of a rectangular table opposite the head. The part of a flat surface on which the feet customarily rest. A biological structure found in many animals that is used for locomotion and that is frequently a separate organ at the terminal part of the leg. To walk, dance, or run on, over, or through; tread. The part of a stocking, boot, etc. that covers the foot. The end of a bed, grave, etc. toward which the feet are directed. The part of a stocking or high-topped boot that encloses the foot.

Put one’s foot down, to take a firm stand; be decisive or determined. The lowest part, or bottom, as of a hill, ladder, or page. The part of a stocking, sock, etc., covering the foot. A shaped or ornamented feature terminating the lower part of a leg or serving as the base of a piece of furniture. The project started off on the right foot but soon ran into difficulties.

Foot Definition

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