AI and Machine Learning for On-Device Development

By (author)Laurence Moroney
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AI is nothing without somewhere to run it. Now that mobile devices have become the primary computing device for most people, it’s essential that mobile developers add AI to their toolbox. This insightful book is your guide to creating and running models on popular mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

Laurence Moroney, lead AI advocate at Google, offers an introduction to machine learning techniques and tools, then walks you through writing Android and iOS apps powered by common ML models like computer vision and text recognition, using tools such as ML Kit, TensorFlow Lite, and Core ML. If you’re a mobile developer, this book will help you take advantage of the ML revolution today.

  • Explore the options for implementing ML and AI on mobile devices
  • Create ML models for iOS and Android
  • Write ML Kit and TensorFlow Lite apps for iOS and Android, and Core ML/Create ML apps for iOS
  • Choose the best techniques and tools for your use case, such as cloud-based versus on-device inference and high-level versus low-level APIs
  • Learn privacy and ethics best practices for ML on devices

Table of contents


1. Introduction to AI and Machine Learning

2. Introduction to Computer Vision

3. Introduction to ML Kit

4. Computer Vision Apps with ML Kit on Android

5. Text Processing Apps with ML Kit on Android

6. Computer Vision Apps with ML Kit on iOS

7. Text Processing Apps with ML Kit on iOS

8. Going Deeper: Understanding TensorFlow Lite

9. Creating Custom Models

10. Using Custom Models in Android

11. Using Custom Models in iOS

12. Productizing Your App Using Firebase

13. Create ML and Core ML for Simple iOS Apps

14. Accessing Cloud-Based Models from Mobile Apps

15. Ethics, Fairness, and Privacy for Mobile Apps




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