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You may know SQL basics, but are you taking advantage of its expressive power? This second edition applies a highly practical approach to Structured Query Language (SQL) so you can create and manipulate large stores of data. Based on real-world examples, this updated cookbook provides a framework to help you construct solutions and executable examples in several flavors of SQL, including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

SQL programmers, analysts, data scientists, database administrators, and even relatively casual SQL users will find SQL Cookbook to be a valuable problem-solving guide for everyday issues. No other resource offers recipes in this unique format to help you tackle nagging day-to-day conundrums with SQL.

The second edition includes:

  • Fully revised recipes that recognize the greater adoption of window functions in SQL implementations
  • Additional recipes that reflect the widespread adoption of common table expressions (CTEs) for more readable, easier-to-implement solutions
  • New recipes to make SQL more useful for people who aren’t database experts, including data scientists
  • Expanded solutions for working with numbers and strings
  • Up-to-date SQL recipes throughout the book to guide you through the basics

Who This Book Is For

This book is meant to be for any SQL user who wants to take their queries further. In terms of ability, it’s meant for someone who knows at least some SQL—you might have read Alan Beaulieu’s Learning SQL, for example—and ideally you’ve had to write queries on data in the wild to answer a real-life problem.

Other than those loose parameters, this is a book for all SQL users, including data engineers, data scientists, data visualization folk, BI people, etc. Some of these users may never or rarely access databases directly, but use their data visualization, BI, or statistical tool to query and fetch data. The emphasis is on practical queries that can solve real-world problems.

Where a small amount of theory appears, it’s there to directly support the practical elements.





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