Working Effectively with Legacy Code

By (author)Michael Feathers
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Working Effectively with Legacy Code

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This book provides programmers with the ability to cost effectively handlecommon legacy code problems without having to go through the hugelyexpensive task of rewriting all existing code. It describes a series of practicalstrategies that developers can employ to bring their existing softwareapplications under control. The author provides useful guidance about how touse these strategies when refactoring or making functional changes to codebases. One of the book’s key points is that it teaches developers to write teststhat can be used to make sure they are not unintentionally changing theapplication as they optimize it. Examples are provided in Java, C++, and Csharp,and the book assumes that the reader has some knowledge of UMLnotation. Strategies using UML and code in C++ and Java primarily whilelanguage independent advice will be delivered in side bars and appendices forlanguage specific users.

Must-Read for Every Programmer and Developer

This classic, endorsed by Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin (author of Clean Code), is on many must-read lists for programmers and developers including lists featured on Guru99, DZone, Built In, Dev Community (, and more.

“The book is important, as almost every developer at some point in career, has to work with a legacy system and it still represents the most challenging problems for many companies. The book goes deep into understanding the general process of a software change like adding features, fixing bugs, optimizing performances, etc.”

—Milan Milanovic, DZone, November 2021

Working Effectively with Legacy Code




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