AI for Games

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AI is an integral part of every video game and this book helps game developers keep up with the constantly evolving technological advances to create robust AI.

The authors draw on their considerable experience and uses case studies from real games to provide a complete reference. Also included are exercises so readers can test their comprehension and understanding of the concepts and practices presented.

This revised and updated Third Edition includes new techniques, algorithms, data structures and representations needed to create powerful AI in games. It helps experienced game developers learn new techniques and provides students with a solid understanding of game AI that will help them jumpstart their careers.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Introduction.

Chapter 2 Game AI.

Chapter 3 Movement.

Chapter 4 Pathfinding.

Chapter 5 Decision making.

Chapter 6 Tactical and Strategic AI.

Chapter 7 Learning.

Chapter 8 Board Games.

Chapter 9 Execution Management.

Chapter 10 World Interfacing.

Chapter 11 Tools and Content Creation.

Chapter 12 Designing Game AI.

Chapter 13 AI-Based Game Genres.






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