Head First C#

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What will you learn from this book?

Dive into C# and create apps, user interfaces, games, and more using this fun and highly visual introduction to C#, .NET Core, and Visual Studio. With this completely updated guide, which covers C# 8.0 and Visual Studio 2019, beginning programmers like you will build a fully functional game in the opening chapter. Then you’ll learn how to use classes and object-oriented programming, create 3D games in Unity, and query data with LINQ. And you’ll do it all by solving puzzles, doing hands-on exercises, and building real-world applications. By the time you’re done, you’ll be a solid C# programmer–and you’ll have a great time along the way!

What’s so special about this book?

Based on the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory, Head First C# uses a visually rich format to engage your mind rather than a text-heavy approach that puts you to sleep. Why waste your time struggling with new concepts? This multisensory learning experience is designed for the way your brain really works.

We worked hard to make learning C# fun

This is a serious book to help you learn C#… but we worked hard to make it feel light and engaging and keep things interesting. This is the fourth edition of Head First C#, and with each consecutive edition, we’ve talked to readers and C# learners to figure out what works and what doesn’t, refining our techniques and the way we approach each new topic. We do all of that with two goals in mind: first, to get C# and real-world programming concepts into your brain efficiently; second, to make it as fun and interesting as possible.

Behind the fun is serious learning theory: we started with the latest research in cognitive science, neurobiology, and educational psychology, and combined it with over 15 years of real-world work with people just like you looking to learn C#. We anticipate the questions you have and answer them immediately, because flipping back and forth to find answers takes away from the fun. We designed puzzles and activities to keep you engaged, and included lots of relevant graphics, visual explanations, and stories to give your brain a break from the text. Every page of the book is carefully designed to be friendly, inviting, and engaging.





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